1st of June 19 event – The Children with the kites, Charity picnic in the park with photos. We have celebrated the International Children’s Day in the park with lots of games, fun and smile J.

Story for the Good and the Love – written by sounds, words and art pictures. 26th September 18 , with the special support of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in London. Our goal is to raise money for Lubcho to improve his health and walking abilities. More information about the Lubcho’s story can be found in our causes link. We would like to thank you to Ina Prodanova – art designer, Irena Sirakova – writer and Velina Andreeva – musician, piano. Also many thanks to all of the other sponsors and donations, we appreciate it.

Baba Marta - 1st of March 2014 Charity photo sessions and cake sale!

We had a nice Baba Marta celebration and raised £606.01!

Thank you to N Pandev Photography – Pandevonium, Anton Georgiev – Mr Bean, Plamen Bonev – The Clown , Rumyana Ilieva and all other ladies helped with the event!

Baba Marta – 1st of March 2015, Marteniza and Cake Charity Sale, fundraising for Lubcho

A big thank you to Rumyana Ilieva, Silvia Temenugova, Poli Paunova, Elena Timonova – ELL.T – Yordanova Photografer, Atanas Chikov – www.bghelp.co.uk, we managed to raised £296.

They cover 12 special physiotherapy for Lubcho and his Granny is very thankful and happy too.

Thank you again for the support and all donations of cakes and martnitzi! Good luck to all of you!

Kids Charity Party in Regents Park, 01 June 15 – supporting Misho and Lubcho

We had really wonderful time and enjoyed all games, drinks and homemade cakes donated by: Daniela Toskova, Miroslava Vinogradova and many more.

Thank you all for the support and donations! Special thank you to Poly Paunova and Bojidar

Chkorev , both Photographers who memorised our event.

Christmas online charity sale in support for Lyubcho – Dec 2014

We raised £169 which amount covers 10 physiotherapy sessions to help Luybcho’s family.

Thank you to all Lovely ladies who got involved and supported our cause.

Special thank you to Ivelinka Keranova, Plamena Vodeva, Veronica Raeva, Radost Kostov – Joy Events Management, Milena Vezenkova - http://www.bulgarianfood.co.uk/shop/ and many more!

Children International day, we have raised £232.78 and 32 euros to support the rehabilitation treatments for Mihail. Thank you to all of you who got involved and find a time to be part of this event.

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