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Todor, 19 years old

£22.00 Donated
£4680.00 To Go
Todor is an extremely determined and persistent young man who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. In the past he has gone through a number of procedures and treatments and has achieved a lot. He is constantly fighting for the chance to walk and do all the things...

Mihail, 7 years old

£52.00 Donated
£3000.00 To Go
Mihail was born as an absolutely healthy and normal child without any complications during the birth. He has been taken a proper care of during the first months of his life. When he was 5 months, his parents noticed he has difficulties moving his ligaments,...

Lyubomir, 10 years old

£82.00 Donated
£4000.00 To Go
Lyubomir’s story is one you find in a bestseller drama, however as real as he is. He loses his parents before he could even meet them. When his mother was 8 months pregnant with him, she and her husband went out for a walk. Moments later they were brutally...

Denislav, 7 years old

£22.00 Donated
£3500.00 To Go
Denislav was born prematurely in 27th week, weighing only 1200 gr. When he was 8 months old the doctors discovered his motor skills are not developing properly. His family put him in rehabilitation immediately and today he is able to walk when holding...

Open your heart and give a tiny bit of your fortune to the unfortunate angels in need, whose only wish is to live and enjoy childhood in the same way other children do.

Cerebral palsy makes millions of families go through hell on earth and shatters children’s dreams of being able to play in the park, run with a dog, win sports competition, swim in the sea. As some families are lucky to have the means to support their child’s treatments and physiotherapy, others have to rely on the goodness of people like you. Your help, as little as it may be, can put a big smile on the face of a child who is only trying to live a normal life and experience activities the rest of us accept as default.

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