Lyubomir, 10 years old

Collected: £82.00
Goal: £4000.00
Lyubomir’s story is one you find in a bestseller drama, however as real as he is. He loses his parents before he could even meet them. When his mother was 8 months pregnant with him, she and her husband...

Todor, 19 years old

Collected: £22.00
Goal: £4680.00
Todor is an extremely determined and persistent young man who suffers from Cerebral Palsy. In the past he has gone through a number of procedures and treatments and has achieved a lot. He is constantly...

Denislav, 7 years old

Collected: £22.00
Goal: £3500.00
Denislav was born prematurely in 27th week, weighing only 1200 gr. When he was 8 months old the doctors discovered his motor skills are not developing properly. His family put him in rehabilitation immediately...

Mihail, 7 years old

Collected: £52.00
Goal: £3000.00
Mihail was born as an absolutely healthy and normal child without any complications during the birth. He has been taken a proper care of during the first months of his life. When he was 5 months, his parents...

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